Blum TIP-ON (Push Open) for AVENTOS HK-S

AVENTOS lift systems bring top quality motion to wall cabinets in all areas of the home. The practical design of AVENTOS gives users easy access to their contents, with full freedom of movement. Even large and heavy fronts open with ultimate ease.

AVENTOS HK-S stay lift allows you to make optimal use of the storage space available. The compact lift mechanism fits snugly into small cabinets and excels in terms of assembly ease and user convenience. The 100 degree and 75 degree opening angle stops ensure that little space is needed above the cabinet.

With cabinet heights of up to 600mm and cabinet widths of up to 1800mm (depending on the power factor), AVENTOS HK-S systems offer many opportunities for creating cabinets that are even more individual in all areas of the home.

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