Blum’s latest box system MERIVOBOX provides a unique combination of a slim drawer side design, high stability, and easy assembly. It allows you to create a broad range of drawers with just a few components, and all with the same easy assembly process. MERIVOBOX brings together four innovations. A platform for simplified manufacturing, a minimalist design for a unique look, a new cabinet profile for enhanced functionality, and a well-thought-out assembly concept for easy implementation.

The L-shape of the cabinet profile, coupled with maximum functionality, makes the uniform box platform so innovative. Assembly is always the same, adjustment is simple, and MERIVOBOX boasts an award-winning design. Offering variety has never been so easy. This platform makes it incredibly simple to manufacture and assemble drawers and pull-outs to meet every demand. Experience maximum functionality combined with stunning design. MERIVOBOX makes your ideas and those of your customers happen.

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