Lockable furniture can be used to secure a wide range of items, including precious personal items, confidential documents, and valuable display products. CABLOXX adds an extra layer of security to premium furniture, whilst offering plenty of design freedom. Blum's locking system offers a wide range of design options, regardless of whether it is used for LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX, MOVENTO or TANDEM. Different cabinet widths and heights and different pull-out heights can be implemented in combination with CABLOXX.

The pull-out lock ensures that stand-alone cabinets are safe to use and gives you the freedom to arrange furniture as you like. It guarantees that only one pull-out can be opened at a time and consequently prevents a cabinet from tipping forwards. The locking system can be installed without any modifications to box or runner systems. CABLOXX is flexible and allows you to make any height, side, tilt, and depth adjustments needed, with the usual assembly and adjustment ease.

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