Blum Pocket Systems - REVEGO

Blum REVEGO is a unique slide-in door system with fully integrated technology in a dedicated narrow cabinet: the pocket. Be it single (REVEGO uno) or double door applications (REVEGO duo), the full overlay fronts let you open up entire living areas quickly and intuitively and then 'magic them away' again when they are not in use.

The REVEGO range is diverse and opens up completely new design possibilities for runs of furniture or even entire rooms. REVEGO uno and REVEGO duo can be combined if required, but also function independently. Different nominal lengths make it possible to adapt flexibly to the respective installation situation. REVEGO inspires new approaches to space planning and cabinet construction, creating a better quality of living.

REVEGO is available in multiple applications and configurations including uno (Single Door Applications), duo (Double Door Applications), uno + duo (Single & Double Door Combined), duo + duo (2 Double Doors Combined) and uno + uno (2 Single Doors Combined).