4 July 2023 NEWS


The box system for the most exacting requirements

Turn your inspiration into a reality with LEGRABOX by Blum. Blum's new range gives you the freedom to personalise metal drawers and turn your box system into your own unique drawers and pull-outs: your myLEGRABOX design.


The right design for every style and taste

The LEGRABOX box system meets the highest standard of customisation and design. With elegant, slim drawer sides and many incredible design possibilities, you can create a quite distinctive drawer design.

Blum offer three design options as part of the LEGRABOX programme:
  • LEGRABOX pure and LEGRABOX free
  • LEGRABOX special edition
  • LEGRABOX individual



Blum LEGRABOX pure and LEGRABOX free offer a selection of noble matt colours and a premium look in anti-fingerprint stainless steel – for elegant metal drawers.
In addition to LEGRABOX pure with matt, metal finishes, the LEGRABOX free design version allows height C high fronted pull-outs to be customised to individual designs. Whether glass, wood, leather or stone — large design elements create special highlights.


Blum LEGRABOX special edition

The special collection: Incredible drawer side looks based on the new colour, carbon black matt and stunning material mixes with anti-fingerprint stainless steel, a special 3D carbon look or a noble rust structured finish.


Key colour: Carbon black matt

Carbon black matt is at the heart of the LEGRABOX special edition. The inner drawer side is always in this new and elegant colour.

Colour range
Noble carbon black matt is at the heart of the LEGRABOX special edition collection. Choose from a vast range of decorative elements to achieve an elegant tone-in-tone effect or create delightful contrasts.

The special edition will be available in M and C height drawers in nominal lengths of 450mm, 500mm and 550mm. The special edition decorative elements will also include a Carbon Black matt branding element & a decorative element fixing.



Blum LEGRABOX individual

Blum LEGRABOX individual provides you with the option to completely customise your LEGRABOX drawer. You can mix colours and materials, as well as printing, laser texturing and embossing options for both branding and unique design.


The ultimate in customisation. Design to your hearts content with LEGRABOX individual. Mix colours and materials, use printing, laser texturing and embossing options to add customised designs and create unique furniture that delights your customers.


Design Options



Custom LEGRABOX branding elements

The LEGRABOX branding elements allow further individualisation of the drawer side and can be printed with the customer's logo in the desired colour. 

For special highlights, choose the new metallic surfaces and printing colours in silver, gold or copper.


LEGRABOX Design Selector

Blum's LEGRABOX Design Selector is a new addition to Blum's eServices and will be available on the Blum Australia website. The Design Selector can be used to create custom LEGRABOX designs. You will have the option to customise inner drawer sides, decorative elements, colours, materials & branding elements. This will allow you to to visualise your LEGRABOX drawer before ordering. 

The LEGRABOX Design Selector can be used for all 3 design options of myLEGRABOX including:
  • LEGRABOX pure and free
  • LEGRABOX special addition
  • LEGRABOX individual



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