Space Plug - New Product

21 October 2022 NEWS


Say 'Hello' to perfection and 'Goodbye' to L brackets, fixing screws, access holes and cover caps. With over 6 million already sold, just drill once per unit and let Space Plug's 'Adjustable Spacer Fixing' do the rest by bridging the gap to create a fast, solid and professional fixing.


Space Plug's adjustable space fixing is the ideal way to fit kitchen units and tie back all sorts of furniture. 


  • Fast - as it's usually 1 fixing, 1 screw and 1 plug per unit! Takes less than a minute to fit
  • Easy - The simplest process you can imagine
  • Professional - Designed for purpose and looks super neat whilst waiting for the worktops and no need for skewed brackets or scuffed units
  • Accurate - As you drill and fix all with the unit in place
  • Adjustable - To the exact length you desire
  • Flexible - As you can now fix anywhere across the whole unit back! Avoid pipes, electrics etc.
  • Accessible - As you're no longer working via access ports or in tiny service voids!
  • The screw even remains accessible after the worktops go on leaving it simple to remove any time!






Watch the installation video