New - Docking Drawer Steel Canisters

11 August 2022 NEWS

Add Power & Purpose to Vanity Drawers

Install Docking Drawer Trio outlets and the new Docking Drawer Steel Canisters into vanity drawers of any type to create a dedicated space to power and stow styling tools & other accessories, keeping countertops clear and devices always plugged in and at the ready.



Docking Drawer Trio outlets and Docking Drawer Steel Canisters can be easily installed into vanity drawers of any type using only basic power tools. Create a powered styling drawer or pull-out organiser to safely power and stow hair dryers, hot tools, electric toothbrushes, shavers and more. 

Designed specifically for use inside of a drawer, Docking Drawer Trio outlets come with interlocking safety features that cut power when surrounding temperatures exceed set standards.


Docking Drawer Trio.

Equipped with two USB ports and two power sockets, the Docking Drawer Trio has the ability to power and charge up to four devices at once, creating the perfect in-drawer powering station for hair dryers, curling irons, kitchen accessories and more.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with two USB ports and two power sockets
  • Interlocking thermostat safety feature
  • Ideal for wider drawers
  • Australian Certified for Safety and EMC


Docking Drawer Steel Canisters.

Combining in-drawer power with Docking Drawer canisters adds organisation and purpose to the drawer while eliminating clutter from vanity surfaces. Made from high quality materials and designed for simple specification into any type of drawer, these drawer canisters are guaranteed to enhance every project by creating highly functional space.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit blow dryers, curling irons, shavers and other styling accessories.

Choose from an open, closed, capped or crimped bottom or a bathroom canister bundle. With sizes ranging from 2 to 5 inches, and available in a stainless steel finish that is electropolished for a shiny bright smooth corrosion resistant finish or basic chrome, you're sure to find drawer canisters that will pair perfectly with any project.



Canisters are available in a variety of sizes, from 2" diameter, to fit hot styling tools of every kind.


Choose from capped, closed, open or crimped bottoms.


Flexible installation, in addition to our detailed resources, make it easy to plan projects. 






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