Blum Hinge Range Update

28 August 2023 NEWS

Available now is Blum’s enhanced and expanded hinge offering. The new range provides the right solutions for a range of projects and applications.


New CLIP top Hinges

The CLIP top 110° unsprung hinges, will become the standard hinge for TIP-ON door applications and will be available in screw-on, knock-in & INSERTA with a nickel finish & INSERTA with an onyx black finish.


New EXPANDO T hinges

Currently Blum offer the CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° EXPANDO T hinge in a nickel-plated finish, joining this range is the new CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° EXPANDO T hinge in an onyx black finish along with a new onyx black cover cap.

To support TIP-ON use for thin fronts Blum are also introducing the CLIP top 110° EXPANDO T unsprung hinge in a nickel plated finish.



Hinge Discontinuations

As part of the enhancement and expansion of Blum's hinge system program, beginning on the 1st of September there will be discontinuations to a few hinge applications in order to streamline their hinge offering.


The following hinges will be discontinued from the 31st of August 2023.


Blum CLIP top Wide Angle Hinge 170⁰ Degree. Half Overlay. Boss: INSERTA 71T6640B 

CODE: BM71664B


Blum CLIP top BLUMOTION Angled Hinge 45 Degree II, Full Overlay, Boss: INSERTA. In onyx black 79B3598



Blum Glass Door Hinge Boss Cover Cap in Gold. 84.4120




Hinges that won't be discontinued but will be used for special applications

The below CLIP top 120° unsprung hinges should now only be used for AVENTOS HF applications. 


Blum CLIP top Standard Hinge 120° Degrees. Unsprung, Boss: Screw-On 70T5550.Tl *Use with TIP-ON for Doors*  Overlay application 



Blum CLIP top Standard Hinge 120° Degree. Full Overlay. Boss: Knock-In 71T5580

CODE: BM71558


Blum CLIP top Standard Hinge 120° Degrees. Unsprung, Boss: INSERTA 70T5590BTL Overlay application



Blum CLIP top Profile Hinge 95° Degree. Full Overlay, Unsprung. Boss: Screw-On 70T9550.Tl *To be used with TIP-ON*  70T9590BTL in onyx black Boss: INSERTA